GSlide is a band of Irish and American artists that performs eclectic songs covering a gamut of subject matter. The band has been described as "genre-less" with aspects of pure-driving rock, bluegrass, Americana, pop, folk and metal. At its core, the band evokes a haunting melancholy that is evident upon a single listen. The band seeks to craft music that influences the listener to ponder and transform a song into their own personal story.

GSlide's third album, Survive A Girl's Mind, debuted April 29, 2017. Recorded in Ireland and in the USA between 2013 and 2017, the album is a more rock-centric album than it's predecessors Drink. Love. Rebellion. and This Too Shall Pass but still displays GSlide's versatility. The feature track - "Postcard From Hell" - exudes a sweet rebellious, pop-sounding flare, while "Yesterday's Self" is a driven, raw-sounding punk/hard rock tribute. "Sunday's Well" and "Basking in the Overflow" are folksy, peppy tracks which pay respect to the sweetest elements of Nick Drake and Neil Young.


GSlide are not limited to a single genre as they seamlessly switch from country rock to dreamlike folk tunes to foot-stomping americana. All in all this album is a wonderful combination of consistently good songwriting, intriguing vocal ideas, and instrumental ability.
- Mellow Projects, 10.15.13
Taking influence from their Irish and American heritage, GSlide blend rhythm and roots, blues and country music to form their own, special brand of road-worthy material.
- Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf, 5.8.14

GSlide is Bruce Carter (Guitars/Drums/Vocals), Dara Bradley (Vocals/Piano), Eimear Bradley (Vocals/Guitar), and David Sheehan (Bass).

American-born Carter was formerly the guitarist in the local Philadelphia-based band Crave who released two albums, 1996's Faithfully Sane and 2003's Everyday It's Something. He is now Gslide's chief writer and producer, and started playing and recording material in Cork, Ireland in 2010. There, he became friends with locally renown songwriting duo The Bradley Sisters and began crafting music with them.


GSlide is proudly non-genre specific and enjoys crafting music that incorporates elements of its influences, such as Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Camera Obscura and Arcade Fire.


GSlide will play where it has its roots - in Ireland and the USA. Expect to see the band in the Philadelphia area and at occasional bookings in County Cork.