Survive A Girl's Mind

GSlide's third album, Survive A Girl's Mind, debuted April 29, 2017. Recorded in Ireland and in the USA between 2013 and 2017, the album is a more rock-centric album than it's predecessors Drink. Love. Rebellion. and This Too Shall Pass but still displays GSlide's versatility. The feature track - "Postcard From Hell" - exudes a sweet rebellious, pop-sounding flare, while "Yesterday's Self" is a driven, raw-sounding punk/hard rock tribute. "Sunday's Well" and "Basking in the Overflow" are folksy, peppy tracks which pay respect to the sweetest elements of Nick Drake and Neil Young.


"strike[s] that delicate balance between composing complex yet lucid lyrical arrangements to match GSlide’s lush instrumentation... What results is what fans will surely love about this release - tight, well-layered, and high-caliber indie pop, rock and Americana based music designed to intrigue inquisitive minds."
- TunedLoud, 6.18.17

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